Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Little Furry Miracles


I'm going to try to get through this post without sobbing....oh dear, here come the tears already. I'm such a wimp.
Anyway, many of you know that I lost my sweet old senior IG, Speedo in the fall. After 4 years of teaching us all about starting over and helping other dogs, it was his turn to go the Rainbow Bridge. My heart still aches for this wonderful creature who taught me SO many things.
Just a few weeks ago my dear friend and rescue partner's dog Hank left us too, after just losing her sweet Lily in December who was also a rescue. Hank was with her just 4 short years, his story similar to Speedo's, being adopted at 10 years old from IG rescue.
Lily was also a very special Iggy, unable to see and she had a bad heart. Didn't stop her from loving life. She was a gracious girl with her fancy prance! I truly believe these dogs, our furry miracles, are still with us. They certainly proved that two days ago.

Lily and Hank
I have a forum with members from across the country who volunteer with my rescue group, Silver Hounds. We talk about dogs and dogs and well, dogs. It's a terrific bunch of people. Monday morning one of the members posted about a 12 year old dog who was being advertised on an online classified board in Ohio..."FREE to good home". Now, the first thing I think when I see these poor old dogs being given away for free is...FIGHT DOG BAIT. They train the puppies on helpless older dogs who don't have a chance. I digress and don't want to be gruesome, but it happens.
I contacted the man with the posting telling him all about Silver Hounds and asked him if he would give the dog to a rescue group. He checked out the website and decided it would be a great place for his old dog to "retire".
I live in Arizona.
The dog is in Ohio.
...and somehow Speedo, Hank & Lily with their infinite "old dog" wisdom coordinated it all from the shade of the Cookie Tree which surely grows tall at the Rainbow Bridge.

Hank & Lily's mom just happened to be in Ohio the past few days, visiting with friends. I alerted her via text that there was a senior who needed help and she called IMMEDIATELY to get the details. Turns out, he's only about 2 hours from where she was staying and like the superhero she is, she flipped on her cape and went and rescued that old dog from the people who had owned him since he was a pup. Don't get me started about how people can own a dog for 12 years and toss it out like old socks. That's another post, but suffice to say these people did this dog a HUGE favor.
Calls to the airlines, emails to potential foster homes and other rescue groups in Ohio, calls to vets to get a health certificate to fly JUST IN CASE and finding a travel bag in a little town didn't stop Hank & Lily's mom...who was flying BACK to Arizona the very next day (yesterday).

They didn't get home until midnight last night after a VERY long day. We watched their flight online, hoping that he was being good for her. She texted me when they landed...all was GOOD! Another almost 2 hour drive home to meet his new housemates, which also went off without a hitch. One big happy Iggy family :)

I imagine Donny will never leave Hank & Lily's house. I imagine they are really happy that mommy saved that old dog from an unknown fate had he gotten into the wrong hands. I imagine that Hank, Lily and Speedo are smiling down on all of us and just looking for the next little furry miracle who needs a soft place to land to spend their golden years. I feel blessed and honored to be a part of these amazing dogs' lives.

This is certainly not the first dog that Tammy has rescued and won't be the last. Aside from Hank & Lily, AJ & Styx who she adopted, there is Princessa, Buster, Jocko, Cisco and Twig that she's driven THOUSANDS of miles for and spent nearly millions of dollars on.
Thanks, Tammy. You are my hero :)