Monday, January 19, 2009


Can someone PLEASE explain Twitter to me? I just don't get it.
I've been hanging in the forums of Artfire and I'm REALLY excited about my new shop there. Lots of people are talking about Twitter to promote your business, so I joined.
What's the point? Really, I get enough rescue email in a day to choke a crow, so I'm not sure I want my inbox flooded with "I'm having a Starbucks".
Please enlighten me? I'm all about this social networking thing, especially since it can get pretty boring looking at a sewing machine and mountains of fleece all day and especially on days when I'm not feeling all that crafty.
I get Facebook, but I'm just not sure I am understanding the drift of Twitter.
God, I'm getting old.....

Friday, January 9, 2009

My newest obsession

SEWING! Last year I bought the most amazing Janome Memory Craft sewing machine on Ebay and it's reawakened the artist in me and I'm having a BLAST. I took lessons one summer when I was 8 or so but never did more than curtains or anything square. And NEVER zippers!

My creations of choice...what else, petwear! I started out sewing these little fleece hoods (hatz 4 brats) and it's morphed into a bunch of fun outfits for the furkids.

Thanks to the urgings of my friend Susan ,
I opened an Etsy shop last January. It's been slow getting started but its SO much fun to meet other creative people and seeing what they come up with! Amazing talent on Etsy. You have to take a peek if you are unfamiliar with it.
I hope that more people will run the other direction from Big Box Retail and start buying handmade. That's my solution to the economy from your neighbor, not China. Or better yet...barter.
Anyway, most days you can find me under mountains of fleece and designer cottons here in my little corner of the world. Occasionally I leave the nest and hang out with my artist pal Monique and help with her screenprinting business, which also involves mountains of fleece! She's an inspiration to everyone who meets her, challenging physical limitations and leukemia and WINNING! (you go girl)

So this is blogging

Everyone who's anyone keeps telling me, "you need to blog" so here goes.
Funny, I was one of the first in my circle to actually design and publish a website back in 1999 before the template craze, but probably the last to fall prey to this blogging concept.
I love to write and even have a feature column in the IG Times magazine featuring my pet nutritional advice and recipes for dog cuisine but what will I write about here?
Hopefully I won't bore you with my dog tales, harping about puppy mills, the sludge Purina churns out down the street and showing you my latest petwear designs.

Thanks to my friend Tracie for sending me HER new blog this morning and inspiring me to take the plunge!