Saturday, February 28, 2009

Groovy Baby

Artfire is turning out to be a wonderful place to sell my petwear and I've bought some great items there too. The people are SO nice and supportive of the whole handmade thing, which is hopefully the wave of the future. Why support Walmart when you can support your neighbor by buying handmade from sites like Artfire and Etsy?
Of course the #1 selling items are my Pee-liminator belly bands...can't get away from dog pee it seems!

I found some really FUN fleece online and it arrived last night, so I was up at the crack of dawn sewing jammies and bribing the dogs away from the warmth of the fireplace to PLEASE be good models for Mommy!
I really love this smiley hippie print and the flamingos just made me laugh.

My dear pal Chris with Sit Up 'n Beg has a bunch of my dog coats down at the Scottsdale dog show this weekend. Her collars and leads are really unique and several of the handlers at the recent Westminster dog show are using them so she is LOVING that! I'm forever indebted to her for peddling my doggie wear, as it's hard for me to travel with all the little charges I'm responsible for here at home.

I'm launching another Silver Hounds Auction this weekend to raise some much needed funds for the vet bills we've piled up this year so far. Poor Jocko, the senior that came to us via New Mexico in the fall, needed to have another 11 teeth pulled to the tune of about $1000.00 so we are in the hole deep! His previous bills were about $800 which the last auction covered. Thankfully his awesome foster mom is floating the bill until we can reimburse her.
Anyway, take a peek if you have the time and please share it. It's just in album format on my petsitting website and it's not live, but it's I update it twice a day. We did well with our auction in the fall so hopefully this one will succeed too.

We're still hanging out on Etsy, but Artfire has really proven to be a better venue, and since I was able to get 10 people signed up, my membership is FREE...for life. Almost too good to be true. And they don't take a commission like Etsy does.
I have high hopes for my future as a petwear designer, I certainly am having fun with it! Gosh...wouldn't that be amazing if I've FINALLY found my calling?

If not, it's back to hairdressing! Ugh.

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