Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sew what.....

What has happened in the 4 years since my last entry is hard for ME to even understand. We moved into our lovely home in May '10 and by July I was so busy sewing my Spoiled Bratzwear line of custom made pet wear that blogging (and anything not-business-related) went to the wayside. As I struggled to maintain some semblance of a "normal" life, my business has morphed into something I would have never anticipated from my humble beginnings with a few fleece dog hats.
As it now stands, I'm only open til the 15th of each month so the last 2 weeks I am fully concentrating on sewing and not manning the computer, Facebook or fielding customer questions. It works well for me and I still sneak in 2-3 yoga classes a week to keep my back in good working condition!
So in the last 4 years I've turned 50, lost 4 beloved pets (Tink, Panda, Mugzy & Jack) and my birth father, who I didn't really know anyway. My niece got married, nephew bought his first home and I'm wondering where did the years go?
I feel like 2015 will be a year of big changes, trying to figure out if I want to expand (hire help) or do something completely different. Time will tell.....meanwhile I'm almost 52, not famous OR rich and just trying to stay afloat in a sea of fleece and senior dogs who demand my undivided attention.
Life is funny......

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